COVD board members have been busy with Tour de Optometry visits!

Lots of enthusiasm at Nova for COVD!

Jennifer Zolman, OD, FCOVD, spent a day visiting with students and faculty at Nova Southeastern College of Optometry. Students were engaged in the conversation and showed interest in the neuro side of VT, TBIs and concussions as well as sports vision. Additionally, there was great excitement about the Annual Meeting in April, so hopefully, we will see a few students in Toronto!

IAUPR students during their visit from Dr. Neera Kapoor.

Dr. Neera Kapoor made the trip to visit with students at the Inter-American University at Puerto Rico’s School of Optometry. Per the students’ request, Dr. Kapoor’s lecture focused on sports-related concussions. Approximately 60 students participated in this interactive discussion.

Ketchum University SCCO students and faculty with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein.

Lynn Hellerstein, OD, FCOVD, FAAO, met with students and faculty at the Southern California College of Optometry at Ketchum University. After a lengthy discussion with faculty and residents, Dr. Hellerstein then met with students to discuss vision therapy. Both groups were engaged and displayed a great awareness of COVD and vision therapy.

A great audience for Dr. Bodack’s visit to Western University.

Marie I. Bodack, OD, FCOVD, presented to approximately 130 students at the Western University School of Optometry. Because of the size of the audience, the lecture was moved from the regular classroom to an auditorium! Western’s enthusiastic faculty, which includes two COVD Past Presidents, helps create excitement about vision therapy with their students.