Written by Kim Jelinske of The Vision Therapy Center

It’s not easy diagnosing ADHD. Just ask Ann Pieper, an ADHD coach and academic tutor specializing in ADHD.

Ann is the founder of The ADHD Center of Milwaukee. She and her team provide services to the ADHD population and others in need of additional support with their academic performance. She’s seen many children diagnosed with ADHD, and she has a simple message to pass along.

Ann Pieper

“Educators and physicians may sometimes lump ADHD-like symptoms together and blame it solely on ADHD,” she says. But as we noted in our profile post of Ann, she believes it’s crucial to consider symptoms from a holistic perspective. 

Ann often sees clients whose academic performance may be affected by ADHD-like symptoms—and some of those can be caused by vision-related issues.

Vision-Related Symptoms can be Similar to Symptoms of ADHD

Ann’s focus is on helping people manage their ADHD symptoms and improve their academic performance. But she also understands how critical a properly-functioning visual system is for academics.  

“At the heart of so much education is the question of vision: Is your child seeing properly?”

Some of Ann’s clients at The ADHD Center of Milwaukee have had learning challenges that actually were vision-related problems. 

Titus’s Troubles: Functional Vision Problems or ADHD?


Titus, a patient at The Vision Therapy Center, is an example of what Ann is talking about. According to his parents, starting in pre-school, Titus was having such a hard time that they wondered if he just wasn’t ready. But they also asked themselves what a lot of parents ask: Could it be ADHD? One thing they didn’t suspect was a functional vision problem.

Things took an unexpected turn during a routine eye exam. Titus’s optometrist noticed that his eyes weren’t working together. She suggested Titus could have a functional vision problem and referred his parents to The Vision Therapy Center.

Titus underwent a Functional Vision Exam. The results astonished his parents—and also gave them hope. Titus was having several problems with his functional vision. Fortunately, vision therapy could help. Learn more about Titus’s story and find out why his mother says Titus is “a completely different child” today.

Raising Awareness: ADHD, Functional Vision Problems, and the Way Forward   

How many children struggling with ADHD-like symptoms such as Titus have undiagnosed functional vision problems?

To increase understanding of just how profound the overlap of ADHD and functional vision problem symptoms can be, The Vision Therapy Center has created the post “ADHD Misdiagnosis: Functional Vision Problems Could Be the Culprit,” which includes a downloadable guide.

Whether a child’s struggles are a result of ADHD, functional vision problems, or a combination of both, the post shows how similar the symptoms can be—and the best way to move forward. 

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