With the Annual Meeting fast approaching, some New Grads have learned about the benefits of attending. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn from experts from across the globe, but you also have the opportunity to network and ask questions of your peers and mentors.

Recently, a few New Grads caught up with some Annual Meeting veterans to learn about their favorite memories from the event.

Dr. Guillermo (G) Del Campo, Dr. Nancy Torgerson and Dr. Samantha (Sam) Del Campo

Drs. Guillermo and Samantha Del Campo (better known as Drs. G and Sam) asked Dr. Nancy Torgerson what her favorite memory was at any past COVD meeting. Her response was:

I have many memories from the 37 consecutive meetings I have been to. I remember at a board meeting Dr. Eldon Rosenow brought to Dr. WC Maples a gift from home. When WC opened the gift he jumped and the box went flying…

Ask me about the ending of this story onsite in Toronto!


Dr. Aaron Nichols asked Dr. Randy Schulman what her favorite COVD memory was and why New Grads need to get involved with COVD?

My favorite memory was when I went for my fellowship exam. I was so nervous but everyone made me feel at ease. After taking the multiple choice examination I saw Dr. Carl Gruning, COVD Past President and my childhood eye doctor. He was there to congratulate me on passing the exam!!

Dr. Randy Schulman (left) with New Grad, Dr. Aaron Nichols

In the oral examination they seemed genuinely curious to hear what I had to say about patient care including wanting to learn about how I worked with children with autism. I was grateful for the years long process of learning and the validation that my studies had paid off. Everyone was so supportive of a relatively new graduate gaining Fellowship and I was awed at how comfortable everyone was with each other at COVD. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to grow professionally through ongoing education and invaluable networking experiences at the 2020 COVD Annual Meeting!

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