Over a year ago, Dr. Samantha Slotnick , a guest blogger, wrote about strabismus surgery.  She emphasized the point that strabismus is not only an eye muscle problem, it’s a brain problem.  Even if the eyes are aligned surgically, the brain has to learn how to overcome adaptations in order to put those two images together,  into something meaningful.

That blog post has generated more comments than any other!  People around the world are asking for advice and help locating developmental optometrists.  This is one of the goals of this blog– to provide information and perhaps a different perspective on vision, vision problems and treatment for those problems.  The number of views, questions, and comments that were initiated by that blog post made it very clear that we were successful– we got what we wished for!

Dr. Slotnick has replied to every single comment that was generated by that blog post.  In most cases, she was able to help find developmental optometrists around the world to get these patients and their parents the help they are seeking.  But in a few cases, there are no developmental optometrists nearby.  Most recently, Maria from Chile  requested a referral to see if she might benefit from vision therapy.  But there are no doctors in Chile that provide vision therapy.  Be careful what you wish for…… yes, we achieved our goal of raising awareness of the power of vision therapy, but we don’t have the manpower to provide these services to everyone requiring them.  I can only hope that the law of supply and demand will be applicable here– the greater the need, the greater the number of doctors who will provide developmental optometric services.  Developmental optometrists are also finding innovative ways to help patients in far away places.  For example, providing vision therapy via Skype might not be ideal, but it is becoming an option that some doctors are starting to explore.

The take-away message is,  keep those cards and letters coming!  Keep asking questions, let us know what is important to you, what do you want to know and understand.  Let’s keep increasing the DEMAND for developmental optometry and vision therapy, then we can watch the SUPPLY grow across the globe.  And don’t forget to use the locate-a-doctor function on covd.org, maybe there is a developmental optometrist around the corner.Supply-and-demand.svg