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The relationship between increasing sugar consumption and the risk of developing diabetes.   It’s the Sugar, Folks.

One in 12 people has the same vision problems as Bobby.  Vision therapy is the solution.  What 3-D Movies can tell you about your vision

“What price do you put on your child being able to read correctly?”  Double Trouble– Why a Family Pursued Vision Therapy for Both Daughters

Optometry student Ben Emer explains the significance of this ground-breaking federal policy.  Pediatric Eye Care Essential Benefit has now been officially recognized!

Dr. Barry’s realization that vision therapy is about much more than vision, it’s about waking up your brain!  Vision Music and Waking Up the Brain

Dr. Fortenbacher explains  the new treatment paradigm of developing binocular vision to treat amblyopia.  Listen to Emily’s story.    Advanced Amblyopia Treatment for Faster and Better Outcomes