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For most of this year’s Vision & Learning Month campaign, the success stories we have shared have focused on children and adults who struggled with learning because of undiagnosed vision problems. This time, we’re sharing a story about a student whose vision problems started on the soccer field.

Abbie, age 14, was referred to a member of COVD for vision therapy after she sustained a major concussion while playing soccer, leaving the world doubled and blurry. Like most teens, she was spending plenty of time on her phone and computer in addition to playing sports. Abbie may have been more worried about these fun activities than her education, but her vision problems meant her ability to learn in school was in jeopardy.

With her optometrist and vision therapist’s help, Abbie worked hard to correct her vision problems and made an enormous amount of progress. “I don’t need to wear my glasses often now because my vision has improved so much,” she says. “I am also able to see the smartboards at school more clearly.” Her ability to see up-close has also improved just as much, and she reports being able to focus on near objects for longer periods than before without the blurriness or double vision returning.

Abbie back on the soccer field after vision therapy helped her blurry and double vision!

“I would definitely recommend vision therapy,” Abbie says to anyone who may be unsure if VT is right for them or their child. “It has helped improve my vision greatly and has affected my everyday life by making things easier to see.”

For those who are already vision therapy patients, Abbie shares this great advice: “Make sure you practice [the activities] and also, try your best because in the long run it will pay off and your vision will be so much better than it was before you started.”

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