Laurian is a poster child for the importance of early detection of learning-related vision problems. At just five years old, she began to struggle to learn to read and write. Letters in particular gave Laurian quite a challenge as she frequently wrote them backwards. Her parents Kristin and Chad began researching these letter reversals and speaking with her teachers in the hopes of helping their daughter overcome this “stumbling block.” It was eventually recommended that they take her to see a local developmental optometrist and member of COVD.

A comprehensive vision exam revealed that Laurian was a good candidate for vision therapy to improve her visual tracking skills. This would help her keep better track of where her pencil was going and to better understand the shapes of letters and words.

Vision therapy started at the end of Laurian’s Kindergarten year with twice-weekly sessions. At first, her parents were skeptical. “We were leery of the young age,” they recall, “but school work demanded a solution.” But soon they were convinced as their daughter’s determination and consistency in her therapy started leading to confidence at school, spontaneous reading, and better grades overall. “It was obvious that all the visual exercises were strengthening her tracking ability.”

Laurian’s graduation from vision therapy!

The next school year, Laurian still occasionally reversed letters, but is now aware of the mistakes and can correct them on her own. She now enjoys reading when she used to avoid it and has greatly improved her reading fluency. Relieved to see their daughter’s newfound success, her parents are grateful for the individual attention and help that Laurien received. “We feel fortunate to have this type of therapy so close to our home.”

Do you think your child could be struggling with an undiagnosed vision problem just like Laurien? August is Vision & Learning Month to raise awareness about the importance of back-to-school comprehensive vision exams. Locate a Doctor near you to schedule one for your child today!

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