Announcing a new offering for COVD members and interested affiliates!

Monthly Exhibitor Seminars will help everyone keep ConnectED throughout the year to the products and services of our Exhibitors.

Each month we will highlight one Exhibitor and the featured company will conduct an hour-long virtual program designed to be an opportunity aimed at improving your practice, perspective, or personal knowledge. 

We kick off The Exhibitor Seminars with Infinite VT on June 24th at 7:30pm Eastern Time. Please see the below invitation from Craig Henry, OD:

I would like to personally invite you to find out more about InfiniteVT, by joining our webinar on Thursday, June 24th, at 7:30 pm eastern.

InfiniteVT originally started as a practice management system for my VT office because I wasn’t able to find an appropriate program for my needs. Once it was completed and I made it available to my colleagues, they were raving about how it had improved the quality of their lives by simplifying the practice management aspects of running their VT practices. 

When I found out that many VT Docs were spending precious family time working on patient reports, I knew InfiniteVT would make a major difference in their lives. With the click of a button, patient reports are easily and quickly generated within seconds.

We have been delighted to hear the wonderful response from the VT community for the past 3 years since InfiniteVT was launched. Here is a sampling of some video testimonials we have received.

I hope to see you at our webinar on June 24th, 7:30 pm eastern. Be sure to register to receive your instructions for signing into the meeting.

Craig Henry, OD