From our Editor, Dr. Leonard Press, FCOVD:

VDR Summer Issue Information

It is my pleasure to call to your attention the special theme issue on Telehealth and Vision Therapy that comprises the summer quarterly issue of Vision Development & Rehabilitation (VDR). This issue is in the final stages of production and we look forward to sharing it with you soon. I wanted to preview some details with you now about this unique publication.


When you read it, you will note significantly more “Perspective” pieces than is customary for VDR, which typically features one or two.  That is because the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a significant set of adjustments to practice for which there was no precedent.  Most doctors, therapists, and patients were left to figure out how to deal with this on the fly, and such improvisation does not lend itself to traditional articles with formal studies.

In presenting our theme issue, we anticipate that it will document the historical record of how representative private and institutional practices responded to the challenges.  We also hope that it can serve as a guide of sorts for practices still working through the flow of integrating Telehealth.  As our editorials, perspectives, and articles in the issue reinforce, most in our field have been reticent if not resistant to adopting Telehealth for the delivery of vision development and rehabilitation services.  In that sense, should the effects of the pandemic linger or re-visit us, practices will be better prepared to go with the flow in a balance between in-office and Telehealth services. The issue in full will be live and distributed to you via email in the coming days.

Contributor Thank You

Permit me to publicly thank all of the contributors to our special theme issue, but in particular I want to mention two individuals who were key in helping pull this together.  One is David Maze, O.D., FCOVD and the other is Robert Nurisio, COVT.  I tapped both of them to serve as Guest Editors for the theme issue, and their points of view, from the doctor and therapist angle respectively, are detailed in their Guest Editorials.  We trust that you will find the theme issue insightful, informative, and a valuable resource.

Addition to the Journal Editorial Board

On a related note, I am pleased to announce that Robert Nurisio, COVT, has formally taken the place of Diana Ludlam, COVT, on our Journal Review Board.  Robert has big shoes to fill in terms of Diana’s record of contribution to the profession and to VDR.  You can read more about Robert in his bio below.

A Note From Robert Nurisio, COVT

It is such an honor to be mentioned in the same breath as Diana Ludlam, COVT! Diana is a true pioneer in the world of vision therapy, and being asked to follow in her footsteps as a member of the Journal Review Board is both an honor and a privilege. Indeed, Diana has paved the road on which I am now traveling! I am grateful to Dr. Leonard Press for the opportunity, and I look forward to contributing to the incredible level of excellence embodied within VDR.

Robert Nurisio Bio

Robert was first introduced to Vision Therapy as a sports vision patient in 1998, by Dr. Carole Hong, while pursuing a career in professional golf. Intrigued by the gifts Vision Therapy had to offer, Robert joined Dr. Hong’s office as a therapist in November of 1999 under the watchful eyes of Dr. Hong and her staff.  Robert has moved around a bit, making stops in San Diego, Houston, Austin, and Chattanooga as he has worked to improve the profession by helping fellow therapists to increase their quality of care through his training efforts. Outside of the Vision Therapy room, Robert has coordinated numerous seminars for Developmental Optometrists worldwide including Dr. Robert Sanet and Dr. Harry Wachs, served as the Program Chair for the Wold Vision Therapists Forum, served for two years as National President of P.A.V.E. (Parents Active for Vision Education), completed several courses on Childhood Visual and Perceptual Development as well as the Visual Impacts of Traumatic Brain Injuries and has coordinated and participated in many Vision Therapy study groups. Robert is also the owner and primary contributor to the VTWorks blog. Currently, Robert serves as the Chair of the Vision Therapist Mentor Committee while also mentoring aspiring Vision Therapists.  Robert is also trained as an EMT-Paramedic, and worked for eight years in that field from 1995 to 2002.

A Special Thanks to our Theme Issue Advertisers

We would like to extend our thanks to the following advertisers in the June issue:

Bernell, Expansion Consultants, HTS, InfiniteVT, Nu Squared and Our Visual Brain

We would also like to extend a thank you all those additional advertisers throughout the year, and those that sponsor COVD programming for their support each year.

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