College of Optometrists in Vision Development welcomed 36 new Certified Optometric Vision Therapists (COVT) and 27 Fellows (FCOVD) and 3 Academic Fellows (FCOVD-A) of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. The newly certified will participate in the formal induction at the 50th Annual Installation and Induction Banquet to be held in Denver, Colorado on April 16, 2021.

To become a Certified Optometric Vision Therapist (COVT), an individual must work for a determined number of eligibility in office hours and must be employed by or under the direct supervision of an optometrist who has completed a fellowship (FCOVD) with the COVD International Examination and Certification Board (IECB), complete a guided study process that includes 9 open book questions, and pass a written exam and an oral interview administered by the IECB. The certification process provides an opportunity for optometric vision therapists to expand their knowledge and skills in providing vision care as related to development and behavior in optometric vision therapy.

This year COVD welcomed the following new Certified Optometric Vision Therapists:

  • Tammy Alberico, COVT
  • Michelle Ann Amaya, COVT
  • Jessica Bailey, COVT
  • Laura Booth, COVT
  • Rebecca Carroll, COVT
  • Christina M. Causland, COVT
  • Amber Marie Ceder, COVT
  • Cierra J. Clark, COVT
  • Tara L. Crawford, COVT
  • Devon de Simone, COVT
  • Aimee Edwards, COVT
  • Kristen Faust, COVT
  • Vicki Ann Flowers, COVT
  • Joelle Foster, COVT
  • Tama Fox, COVT
  • Kristen Ann Fuhriman, COVT
  • Melissa Garza, COVT
  • Victoria Giampaolo-Consiglio, COVT
  • Marina Guindy, COVT
  • DaNelle Hackney, COVT
  • Tammy Harman-Siebel, COVT
  • Stephanie R. Hebdon, COVT
  • Kristine Keyse Augaitis, COVT
  • Monica, Sickels, COVT
  • Bianca Lauzon, COVT
  • Tayler S. Longo, COVT
  • Sara Mohr, COVT
  • Melody Moore, COVT
  • Leslie Muto, COVT
  • Jordan Ann Parker, COVT
  • Priscilla Marie Rosario, COVT
  • Sarah Scheau, COVT
  • David A. Skipper, COVT
  • Kathy Sutherland, COVT
  • Sandra Todd, COVT
  • Kristen Turner, COVT

The College of Optometrists in Vision Development extends a thank you to all of the mentors and employers of the candidates as well as huge congratulations to all of the newly certified COVTs!

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