COVD South Korea International Chapter (COVD Korea) held an annual meeting at Busan Tourism Organization Center in Busan on October 16-19, 2019. There were three main events at this meeting: The commemorative ceremony, general assembly, and the seminars.

During the commemorative ceremony, COVD Korea celebrated the first and sole formation of COVD International Chapter in Asia, and official recognition of the group by the Ministry of Education. Three members who have made an outstanding contribution toward the goals and objectives of COVD Korea were recognized. The Maples Award was presented to Jong-Seok Lee for his excellence in developmental and behavioral optometry. The President’s Award was given to two members, Sang-He Park and Eui-Seob Kim, for their numerous dedications to COVD Korea and to the optometric profession. Also, seven members who completed successfully on their internship program were received a fruitful certificate.

VIPs from 17 different related institutions, associations, education office, and special education office attended the ceremony to support and congratulate the accomplishments of COVD Korea. The Busan school superintendent excitedly gave a speech saying “COVD Korea has been provided invaluable services to school children who have been suffering from visual dysfunctions and low vision. Vision therapy is covered by IEP government budget since last March, thanks to constant dedicated work of Dr. Shin, school children have a great chance for proper care. And this will eventually improve their school performance and quality of life as well.” The school principals, deans of school of optometry, past president and current vice president of Korean optometric association (KOA), chairman of 16 regional KOA, chairmen of 5 different regional KOA, presidents of several visually impaired associations and related institutions, a congressman joined the ceremony. During the general assembly, the budget and activity plan for 2020 was approved. Tentative accounts for 2019 were presented.

Dr. Curtis Baxstrom, was invited to conduct a 4-day intensive seminars; 2-day for Optometric Evaluation and Management of Infantile Esotropia, and another 2-day for Optometric Evaluation and Management of Concussion and ABI. Ninety Korean COVD members who participated in the seminar had a great opportunity to learn highly knowledgeable and incredible wisdom from Dr. Curt. It was amazing to see how our members were so passionately participated with great interactions during the seminar. Our Korean members expressed heartfelt appreciation for Dr. Curt’s precious teaching and his great sense of humor.  

Through COVD Korea, vision therapy has been spreading out to parents, educators, general optometrists, and the public in Korea. Now we are preparing another higher step for an accreditation process of certificate issued by COVD Korea which will lead our profession being well credited by government. We hope other countries are ready to form COVD International Chapter, and provide vision therapy to their people more effectively. We give our sincere thanks to COVD for the support all around the world!