With the new school year rapidly approaching, parents and kids alike are preparing for success! New backpacks and pencils, new shoes and haircuts, new classrooms and teachers. Ready or not, here it comes!

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August is Vision & Learning Month, and COVD wants your family to know how critical good visual skills are to a student’s success. If a child struggles with reading, has attention problems, takes longer than it should to get homework done or has difficulty comprehending what was read, consider that poor visual skills may be contributing to these difficulties.

Finding Hope

There is certainly is no roadmap for parenting, and unfortunately success is not always built-in. Academically induced challenges, such as the nightly homework war, can induce a level of level of frustration for most parents which can seem overwhelming! The good news is, there’s hope!

Fortunately, many parents and educators have already discovered the valuable link between vision and learning, as well as how to address the challenges a weak visual system may present a struggling student. The importance of every child receiving a comprehensive vision exam prior to each school year cannot be overstated!

What does a visually related learning challenge tend to look like? We thought you’d never ask!

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Here Are Just A Few Signs And SymptomsRubs eyes frequently,  reverses letters, lays their head on the desk while reading or writing, gets headaches, confuses words, inserts words which aren’t there, skips lines, fidgets constantly, won’t sit still, has a bad attitude, and even plays the class clown!

Other signs and symptoms can be found here!

A comprehensive vision exam with a Developmental Optometrist will evaluate all the necessary skills for reading and learning well!  Strong visual skills can be complicated!  Members of COVD specialize in this complex and important process and know what to look for during your child’s comprehensive vision exam. Locate a Doctor near you and make sure your child starts the school year ready to learn and succeed!

Photo Credit – http://www.pexels.com