Backpack, pencils, notebooks, new shoes… did you get everything on your child’s back-to-school list?

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You might have missed something important—a comprehensive vision exam with a member of COVD!

According the American Optometric Association, vision accounts for as much as 80% of what children learn in school. Celebrate Vision & Learning Month by making sure your child’s vision is at its best and primed to make this school year spectacular.

As children develop and grow, a lot can change in just one year. COVD recommends that children come in for a comprehensive vision exam every single year, and summer is the perfect time to make the annual visit. When others may recommend a less-frequent schedule, here are some reasons why we think it’s worth keeping a close eye on your child’s eyes.

Screens, screens everywhere

Looking at screens is a staple of modern life for adults, and, increasingly, for children, too. If your child spends more than one or two hours per day looking at screens, it’s important to make sure that myopia (nearsightedness) isn’t starting to develop. Research is increasingly showing us that there’s a direct link between screen time and myopia, but a member of COVD can help address the issue and even help slow down its progression.

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It’s all fun and games until somebody gets a concussion

If you’re trying to prevent myopia caused by excess screen time, it might seem like common sense to send the kids outside to play. This is a great plan since we know time outdoors is helpful for vision. However, if a child’s favorite game or sport leads to tackles, falls, or any other abrupt head movement, there’s always a risk of concussion. Even so-called “minor” concussions or frequent jostling can cause a slow buildup of brain damage. If your athletic child took a blow or two to the head this summer, lingering symptoms could make it harder to learn. Many members of COVD specialize in the visual impacts of concussions—Locate a Doctor in your area who can help.

An uphill battle

Did your child finish out the last school year strong, but now their attitude has taken a turn for the worst? Does any attempt to get them back into “school mode” end in tears and tantrums? Every kid wants summer to last forever, but if the resistance persists or seems out-of-character, a visual problem could be to blame. Moving on to a new grade can mean books with smaller type, longer reading and writing assignments, or even a seat that’s too far away from the board. School becomes so much harder than it needs to be when a child’s vision can no longer keep up with the demands. Locate a Doctor who can check whether your child’s eyes are working harder than they should.

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