It’s Back-to-School season once again, and that means COVD is celebrating Vision & Learning Month!

The “summer slide” is a well-known result of these fun-filled past few weeks, but there’s still time to get your child’s brain refreshed and re-engaged as the big day gets closer. Get your kids excited for learning while building visual skills with these end-of-summer essentials!

It’s all fun and games

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Choosing the right toys and activities for kids is a daunting task these days. STEM? Sensory? Low-tech? High-tech? Here are a few of our classic favorites to help you get started, plus our take on their vision-building benefits.

Get ready to read

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Getting lost in a good book is a summertime gold standard for keeping minds sharp and visual skills in shape. For those who haven’t quite mastered reading on their own yet, picture books are an important introduction to the written word. By connecting words on a page to exciting pictures and your verbal presentation of a favorite story, kids start connecting letters to meanings.

Fresh air and imagination

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We’re learning more and more about the importance of outdoor free-play for kids. Emotional development, exercise, motor skills, imagination–combine these benefits with natural light and a break from close-up screens and you have a recipe for success. Engage your children conversations and activities around outdoor free-play that encourage healthy development while keeping things fun!

  • “Cool fort you’re building out there! Do you want to make a sign for it?” (Visual and fine motor skills, spelling, forming letters)
  • “Did you catch more or less fireflies than your brother?” (Visual memory and math concepts, hand/eye coordination)
  • “How many families do you think are at the beach with us?” (Distance focusing, counting, figure/ground awareness)

All systems go

Summer is the perfect time for a comprehensive vision exam with a member of COVD! While your pediatrician or school may provide vision screenings, these classic “eye chart tests” only check how well someone can read certain-sized letters from a certain distance away. School and life require a wide variety of visual skills, and COVD optometrists check them all during a comprehensive vision exam. Locate a Doctor near you and make sure your child starts the school year ready for success!