By Tom Headline, COVT

I recently had the great honor to present on vision therapy at the Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists (IPAO) National Convention. This year, I was joined by Patti Andrich, OTR/L, COVT, and it was a joy to watch her share neuro-maturity and reflex integration with this audience. Having presented in the Philippines for five years now, it has been amazing to see the growth of VT awareness in such a short time!

In just the last year, IPAO Immediate Past President Dr. Charlie Ho has increased the availability of VT-related education by inviting some familiar lecturers from the COVD Family. Dr. Curt Baxstrom, FCOVD presented Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation 101 in November 2018. Dr. Mary VanHoy, FCOVD and Dr. Simon Grbevski, FCOVD followed suit with Syntonics 101 in February 2019. Patti Andrich presented Primitive Reflex Foundations 101 on this latest trip in addition to my own presentation of VT 101 and VT 301. Delegates from India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines joined these COVD speakers to share their own insights and expertise.

Dr. Charlie Ho has made it his personal mission to spread the word about vision therapy throughout all of Asia. During his two-year tenure as IPAO President, Dr. Ho traveled throughout the Philippines with Dr. Maia S. Uy, presenting impressive patient case studies to optometrists and optometry students. As Honorary Secretary for the Asia Optometric Congress (AOC), he communicates with the leaders of Asia’s regional optometric organizations and aims to further increase the amount of VT-related education at their meetings.

Dr. Ho has provided sports vision care since 1996 and now works with the Philippine National Athletes and Olympians. He is also President of Vision Science Institute (VSI), an education center, VT clinic, and intern rotation site. Here, Drs. Ho and Uy provide optometry students with extensive training in vision therapy and developmental vision care. 

Congratulations to Dr. Ho on a job well done and more to follow! I cannot wait to see how far vision therapy can go in the Philippines during the next five years!