Contributed by Dr. Neil Margolis and staff

Hi Dr. Margolis,

My wife and I would like to commend you, and the vision therapist working with our daughter for the successful treatment of Kate’s convergence and visual perception deficiencies.

Kate’s elementary school psychologist was the first to detect her visual figure ground deficiency after extensive testing. We were then referred to you by our primary eye care doctor, whose wife was Kate’s 3rd grade teacher, and who, thankfully, had originally referred her to the IEP program at school. We are forever grateful for the introductions and special care provided by the team at our previous eye doctor’s office.

Kate had been challenged with reading and comprehension since kindergarten. We spent several years with reading tutors before coming to see you in the summer of 2017.

I was instantly impressed with you when we talked about visual perception and reading improvement being your life’s work. You did not disappoint.

Following our initial exam with you, Kate visited weekly with her vision therapist.  They started with the basics–convergence–and then moved into the more complex–visual spatial and perception skills. All the while, Kate’s confidence and academic performance steadily improved. Our regular check-in’s with you also measured consistent progress which was so encouraging! Kate eventually no longer felt discouraged by the IEP label and gained the confidence to ask her teachers for extra help. I know that most of this was a result of the constant encouragement from her vision therapist. She was such a wonderful and positive weekly influence for Kate! A defining figure in her life for sure.

As of this writing, Kate has progressed into the mainstream 8th grade Language Arts class and currently maintains a 3.6% GPA with A’s in Literature, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Well done team!

I hope you will share this story with your current and potential patients. You, your vision therapist, and the team are doing important work. My wife and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found you. Kate and I will miss our weekly visits with her vision therapist–she is a very special person.

Best wishes on continued success influencing the next generation.

–Kate’s Father

Congratulations, Kate! We’re happy to see that vision therapy has impacted your life so positively.

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