As COVD’s 2019 Annual Meeting ramps up in Kansas City, the Sista Squads are enjoying their yearly reunions. You can be sure that they are looking forward to top quality education, the opportunity to share ideas to build their practices and provide evolving patient care, and the chance to spend time with their dearest friends.

Drs. Pauline Buck and Elizabeth Crandon

Drs. Pauline Buck and Elizabeth Crandon met at a COVD meeting in 2005, and they have been roommates at every COVD meeting since.
Dr. Buck practices in Miami, FL, and Dr. Crandon practices in Lawrence, KS. They supported each other through Fellowship, but these Fellows are also COVD Sistas now and forever.

Drs. Joanna Carter, Gabby Marshall, Amanda Balsalobre and Keirsten Eagles

Meet the Oregon Sistas. Dr. Marshall knew she wanted to mentor young doctors and has been growing her flock of Fellow Sistas. Dr. Carter decided she wanted to be a FCOVD on a Friday and on Saturday she sat down and wrote her response to the first open book question. She was on her way and never looked back. Dr. Balsalobre was working in Dr. Marshall’s practice and found all the inspiration she needed. Dr. Eagles knew she wanted to become a Fellow of COVD as soon as she graduated from optometry school. It took her a little longer as she balanced her personal and professional lives but she got it done. Dr. Marshall is living her dream of mentoring doctors and inspiring them to open practices. Who will join the Oregon Sista Fellows this year?

Drs. Angela Peddle, Leanne Dudley and Maura Massucci

Meet the SUNY Residency Sistas. Drs. Peddle, Dudley and Massucci completed the Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation Residency at SUNY in 2009. They were the first group of residents offered the opportunity to take COVD’s written fellowship exam as they were completing the residency. Two years later, these rising stars all completed their Fellowship. They all opened private practices and are growing faster than you can say, ” FCOVD Residency Sistas.”

It’s easy to get fully focused on the exclusive education at COVD, but don’t miss the opportunity to be with your people while you’re here, too! New squads are always coming together, and we have something for everyone. Doctors, therapists, scientists, educators, residents, students, sistas, brothers, and innovators are all waiting to be part of your COVD Family. Share the knowledge and share the love in Kansas City!