Dr. Lederman will be speaking at the COVD 2019 Annual Meeting this April 9-13 in Kansas City, Missouri–learn more at the end of this story!

Last month, Dr. Robert Lederman, FCOVD delivered a lecture to the postgraduate students of Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of the Educational Neuroimaging Center at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and program Director of the Reading and Literacy Discovery Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

The Technion is the Israeli equivalent of MIT.  At this center, researchers are using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to observe brain function in children who are struggling to read, comparing images of their brain function before and after reading intervention.

As is so common in the field of dyslexia research, this research does not address a child’s effort in transmitting each written word from page to brain, nor does it take into account the consequent effect of these efforts on the reading process as a whole. Dr. Lederman’s lecture to these postgraduate students sought to shed light on this important facet of reading difficulties. He states,

My lecture dealt with all that is involved in  the complicated process of gathering the information from the page, and getting the word to show up in the reader’s brain. The audience welcomed the opportunity to learn about this. I discussed the possibility of future collaboration with Prof. Horowitz-Kraus.

Join us for Dr. Lederman’s presentation of “The Way We Tell It: Communicating Difficult Concepts about Vision, Simply, and Effectively” — read the course description and register today at bit.ly/covd2019!

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