Here’s why applying for a Travel Grant has never been more educational

by Jonathan Niavis, Student Engagement Coordinator

You’ve likely seen the posts that tell you to submit your Travel Grant applications for the COVD 2019 Annual Meeting in Kansas City, April 9-13! Each of the 40 available Travel Grants will be worth $500! You may also be thinking that applications like these are kind of repetitive–always having to explain why you are the best person for them to choose. But the good news is that the focus of the COVD Travel Grant process isn’t the time you spend talking about yourself, but rather the work you put in on writing a blog post! This may seem like a trick to get you into doing schoolwork, but when was the last time you were given money to do schoolwork? And no, that time in fourth grade when Billy paid you to do his doesn’t count.

Let’s break down the process, so you can earn your $500 and join us in Kansas City!

Step 1:

First, make sure you’re a member of COVD! Student/resident membership is free, and it only takes a few minutes to get on board. Sign up now!

Step 2:

Fill in the initial Travel Grant application form by November 30th! This is another very quick step, and you can do it right now at

All you need is your name, address, school, and a current CV, and you’re all set for the first part of the application!

Step 3:

Afterwards, watch your email for your writing assignment from! You will have to read and summarize an article related to developmental optometry, vision therapy, or another related topic. All of this year’s articles are written by A.M. Skeffington Award winners, and your summary should be in the style of a blog post. This is the most educational travel grant application you’ve likely encountered, and doesn’t involve boasting about yourself for once! You will have 30 days after receiving your assignment to turn in what you write, and then you’re done! Simple as that!

Recipients will be selected by January 31st, and if you’re on the list, you can look forward to a $500 check with your name on it on-site at COVD 2019!

You’re probably thinking “well, that was a quick article”, and it’s because it’s a quick process! There’s really no reason not to apply for a Travel Grant if you’re planning to be in Kansas City.

Here’s another tip for saving money on the trip: make sure to check out the special COVD-only rates at the Kansas City Marriot Downtown! Everyone can save by following the link on the COVD 2019 page, and there is an additional room discount for students and residents. Contact Kris at the COVD International Office to get put on the waiting list!

We’ll see you there!