“There was a moment where I was like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I changed this person’s life–and it was just such a humbling experience.”

The big names in optometry that make up the VisionHelp group are more than just vision experts–they’re also leaders in practice management for vision therapy.

New on the VisionHelp Blog is a post from Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, FCOVD,  featuring a  new video with handful of young docs who completed externships and residencies at VisionHelp practices.

Watch it and see how changing lives with vision therapy changed their lives, too!


Can’t wait to learn more about practicing vision therapy?


All students, residents, and new grads can gain valuable insight from VisionHelp docs at the upcoming COVD 2019 Annual Meeting! This year will include the return of the popular VisionHelp Roundtable event. It’s the perfect opportunity for discussions about starting or managing a practice, what to look for when joining an existing practice, negotiating your salary, and more!

Watch for details at bit.ly/covd2019


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