Thanks to Dr. Fortenbacher for this great discussion on treating amblyopia without the patch!

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When it comes to your child’s healthcare, what parent would prefer their child’s doctor to prescribe an outdated treatment, that provides limited results and many negative side effects? Most assuredly, all parents would say “No” if positioned this way.  Yet this is exactly the case for too many children with the most common form of developmental vision loss, Amblyopia (Lazy Eye). Parents are often told that their child’s primary treatment is an eye patch?

Case in point, here is a true example of an 8 year old boy with amblyopia. He is a patient of ours whose parents were frustrated with the patching approach of treatment for their child and were looking for better solutions for his amblyopia.   We received a copy of his eye doctor’s medical record which said the following:

Diagnosis: Refractive Amblyopia

(Patient’s doctor’s note) “I had a long discussion about realization of vision always being sub-optimal in…

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