COVD Fellow Dr. Dan Fortenbacher’s latest post on the VisionHelp Blog explains some of the visual skills kids need for learning! Here are some steps you can take to make sure your child’s eye teaming, tracking, and focusing get plenty of practice time this summer:

1) Take the #SummerofSkills Pledge!

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It’s the #SummerofSkills! In celebration of Vision & Learning Month this August, Take the Pledge to build visual skills with the kids in your life and help them avoid future problems.

3) Make it a #SummerofSkills!

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Put your child’s summer break to good use! Too much time on screens means less time for practicing visual skills–spend some quality time together with classic kids’ activities and your little ones will be building a foundation for future success.

2) Schedule a comprehensive vision exam!


School vision screenings don’t show the whole picture of your child’s vision. The treatable vision problems described in this post can be missed by a school screening, but a comprehensive vision exam with a member of COVD takes a closer look! Use our Locate a Doctor search at to find a member near you.

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The VisionHelp Blog

Eye Teaming…Tracking…Focusing

When speaking with parents about their child’s eye coordination instead of speaking about problems with vergence, accommodation and oculomotor function, terms that will automatically trigger a “deer in headlights” look, I’ve learned it is far better to refer to these essential visual skills as “teaming…tracking…focusing”.

These three eye coordination abilities are essential for reading fluency. Specifically, when referring to these visual functions, Eye “Teaming” is another way of saying we have two eyes and they must work together in what is known as binocular vision. The skill of using our binocular vision is referred to as “vergence” which is commonly thought of as convergence or divergence. When an individual has trouble with convergence they may demonstrate under convergence, known as convergence insufficiency, or over convergence known as convergence excess.

The vergence system also must work synergistically with eye “Focusing” otherwise known as  accommodation. When a child…

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