by Brittany Glatting (SCO 2019) – 2018 Student Associate

I arrived in Bellevue excited to attend my first COVD conference, to meet doctors in the field, and to expand my knowledge of vision therapy.

First on my schedule was attending Dr. Curt Baxtrom’s lecture in which he explained how to detect different types of esotropia and described possible mechanisms behind its development. Having taken NBEO Part 1 less than a month ago, I was surprised to hear about an anatomical variation in cranial nerve VI with which I was unfamiliar! This was a great example demonstrating that the field of optometry and vision therapy is constantly growing. As new research is completed and published, we are able to make new connections and modify our treatment regimens. This was a recurring thought I had at every lecture I attended.

On Thursday afternoon, I heard from Drs. Tong and Fox on syntonic phototherapy. On Friday morning, I listened to OBGYN Dr. Larry Komer’s lecture and gained a new perspective on hormone function and its association with concussion. Hearing from all of these great doctors reminded me how much there is to learn, and that learning never ends in medicine.

As an optometry student at SCO, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge on vision therapy and have had a great clinical experience in the field. However, attending COVD this year expanded my knowledge and understanding of visual conditions greatly. Hearing different doctors’ perspectives is very valuable, especially in the vision therapy field, as there are so many different philosophies of vision and treatment of visual conditions.

Even as students, attending CE is beneficial! It provides an opportunity to speak with inspiring doctors who are in the field making a difference in their patients’ lives every day and provides a unique perspective on the topics we learn in optometry school. I encourage all students to take advantage of conferences, COVD and others, to continue to make their optometric education well-rounded.

Thank you to everyone at COVD for making my first experience a great one – I will definitely be back!

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