Drs. Jill Schultz, Kelsey Manescalco, and Megan Thistle were standing around in the hospitality suite on Saturday afternoon because of a GIANT SNOWSTORM in Minneapolis… on April 14th!  That airport may have been CLOSED, but the Hospitality Suite was OPEN! 


Dr. Jill Schultz opened her practice cold in metropolitan Minneapolis in 2006. Bright Eyes Vision Clinic is a full-scope practice which has grown by providing patients with everything they need, especially patients that have suffered a brain injury.  She completed a residency at Southern California College of Optometry and now pays it forward by opening her practice to residents, through Pacific University. This year, she is hosting 2 residents: Drs. Kelsey Manescalco and Megan Thistle, who are enjoying their residency year and learning the ins and outs of full-scope practice.

Dr. Schultz has advice for all young doctors:

The demand for vision therapy is exploding, especially as awareness has grown about what vision therapy can do!  So,

stop worrying about what other people think and concentrate on helping your patients!

Hopefully the snow has stopped falling and they have found their way back to Minneapolis and the patients who are counting on them!