Written by Dr. Joanna Carter, FCOVD, newly certified Fellow, the night before the Installation and Induction Banquet at our Annual Meeting, April 10-14, 2018.

On the morning of my oral interview, I read over the six papers and three case reports I’d written during the fellowship process.

  • The first paper was on accommodation, and I recalled how helpful Gabby Marshall (my awesome mentor) was in the paper-writing process.
  • In my binocular vision paper, I referenced primitive reflexes, and I remembered first learning about these reflexes as a 4th year intern at Carol Marusich’s office.
  • My strabismus / amblyopia paper was heavily influenced by what I learned at Bob Sanet’s courses.
  • I wrote the development paper right after Curt Baxstrom and Jason Clopton’s vestibular course, which tied visual development with the vestibular system.
  • I was channeling my inner Brenda Montecalvo as I wrote the lenses and prisms paper.
  • And although I never met him, Skeffington heavily influenced my What is Vision paper.

The road to Fellowship has significantly changed how I practice.  But it wasn’t until yesterday, reading over those papers back-to-back, that I found myself choking up over the many people that have walked alongside me during this journey.

I am so thankful for our VTOD family, and I’m excited to celebrate with the new FCOVDs and COVTs tomorrow night!

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