A huge thank-you to Dr. Press for picking up on this story and helping us share it with others! It was an honor to share this family’s message and hope for a better life through better vision.

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A great blog posted a few days ago on Mindsight relays the experiences of the Lim Family residing in Malaysia.  Being strabismic herself, Jolene Lim dutifully took her son Caleb to the ophthalmologist when he was a toddler, and was informed that he had both strabismus and amblyopia.  After a period of patching, the only treatment offered for his amblyopia, Caleb underwent surgery for esotropia at age 3.  Subsequently his eye began to turn inward again, but this time upward as well.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 8.12.58 PM

The drawing above was made by Colleen Lim, Caleb’s younger sister, who also had strabismus.  When it was apparent that surgery and patching wouldn’t help Caleb keep his eyes straight or use both eyes together, Jolene’s search for a different direction led her to Sue Barry’s book, Fixing My Gaze.  An entirely new path opened up to her.  Empowered by her research and correspondence with a neuro-developmental…

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