by Nadira Shadeed, OD, FCOVD – Georgia State Coordinator

Members of COVD, how many times have you heard this statement:

“We wish we would have found your office sooner!” 

Probably more than you can count, right?

So how can we make vision therapy more visible in our communities? 

This year, we decided to do just that by representing vision therapy at our local Georgia Optometric Association conference. I worked to bring together a collaborative group of our Georgia vision therapy optometrists. Our booth was entitled Georgia Vision Therapy Providers, and our mission was to bring VT awareness to the primary care ODs.

Our group-effort enjoyed a great turnout, with a total of eight VT offices sharing the space and manning the booth.  Each office brought their own practice information to hand out to the attendees. The VT ODs could promote their own office specifically, as well as vision therapy in general. Eventually, our booth became more of a referral booth with information for each VT office based on their office location. It was great to see all of us working together, asking the primary care ODs where their practices were located, and then providing them with information on whichever of our VT practices were closest.

Picture of ODs in photo at top, left to right: David Cook, Nicole Gurbal, Meg Brya, Joe Rouw, Sharon Berger, Nadira Shadeed, and Danny Gottlieb. Not in photo but also shared the booth were: Jennifer Dattolo and Janna Iyer.