The American Optometric Association (AOA) recently released the new Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guideline: Comprehensive Pediatric Eye and Vision Examination.  The guideline was the work of the  Evidence-Based Optometry (EBO) committee, which spent countless hours studying and assessing a “mountain of research” to bring it all together in one comprehensive document.

The new guideline’s purpose is to:
The Pediatric Guideline is for parents, too!

The new guideline provides information on a myriad of topics including trauma, myopia, color vision, and blue light protection.  It recognizes that “vision has an enormous impact on children’s quality of life–their social, motor, cognitive and academic achievement. ”

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the jargon? This condensed version of the guideline makes it easier for parents to access this important info.

Find an optometrist near you who can address all the topics in the guideline and ensure your child is receiving the vision care they deserve!




The Pediatric Guideline was highlighted in the AOA Focus, July/Aug 2017.