“We can hear when a child has a speech problem, but with a vision problem, we don’t really know what’s going on, because we are not seeing the world through their eyes.”

Wendy Beth Rosen is the author of last year’s Tour de Optometry companion book. Throughout the 2016-17 academic year, copies of The Hidden Link between Vision & Learning accompanied our Board of Directors and other top speakers as they opened future ODs’ eyes to a future practicing developmental optometry, neuro-optometric rehabilitation, and vision therapy.
We’re delighted to see her once again in this impactful and important video!

The VisionHelp Blog

In this one minute VisionHelp video, educational specialist Wendy Rosen, author of the book The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning, outlines when a child struggles in reading and learning it should be the top priority to have a comprehensive optometric vision evaluation. It is especially critical to understand that, while 20/20 eyesight is important, having clear distance eyesight alone does not rule out serious vision problems that affect reading, attention and learning.

In fact, most of the visual problems that affect learning can be missed if the doctor’s testing does not go beyond eye sight, refraction and ocular health testing. To provide helpful tools for Doctors, the American Optometric Association InfantSee and Children’s Vision Committee in conjunction with Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation, have created a comprehensive Pediatric Vision Evaluation “Tool Kit”. This was outlined by Dr. Press in his most recent VisionHelp Blog post, entitled: New AOA…

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