Interest in functional vision is growing in China, and COVD has been fueling that interest for several years. At the recent Vision China meeting in Hangzhou (a meeting with 3,000 ophthalmologists and optometrists in attendance), several COVD Fellows proudly provided continuing education on a variety of topics.  The room was filled to overflowing for these presentations:

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Like this program, the lectures were presented simultaneously in both Mandarin and English.  All our presentations arrived in China well before we did, in order to provide adequate time for them to be translated.  Dual projectors were used, as well as live translation.  All attendees were given devices to listen to the lectures in either English or Mandarin.  We all had a few good laughs wondering how some very American expressions were translated, like “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  and “you just have to consider it one giant ball of wax.”



The meeting provided a second opportunity for attendees to learn about Vision Therapy–Principles and Methods.  COVD Fellows, Drs. Allison, Mozlin, Chung, and Liu all had another turn at the podium, speaking on diverse subjects:

  • Managing convergence excess
  • Use of motor control scores in the assessment of intermittent exotropia
  • Changes in IQ with vision therapy
  • Visual dysfunction and VDT use

Our Chinese hosts went out of their way to make sure we made it to the hotel (ask Dr. Mozlin about escaping from the Beijing airport!) and that we were kept well-fed, comfortable, and entertained. A few tourist excursions allowed us to appreciate China’s beauty and some excellent traditional Chinese cuisine! Lesson learned: if there is a giant lazy susan on your dinner table, you are about to have a wonderful delicious meal, even if you don’t know what you are eating.


A passion for education was so evident at this meeting; we have no doubt that China’s interest in developmental vision and COVD will continue to grow. We look forward to welcoming our Chinese colleagues to our Annual Meeting in Bellevue this April!

A special thank you to Drs. Helen Duan and Joyce Wang who worked endlessly to put this together, answered no less than 100 questions, and made sure everything went smoothly from beginning to end.