Dr. Marsha Sorenson, FCOVD, is back for another weekly issue of the blog series that helps keep your kids off screens–VISIONary Toys! In honor of August is Vision & Learning Month, we’re taking a look at toys, products, games, and activities that Keep Summer Learning in Sight. This season, prevent summer learning loss by keeping your eyes on the learning prize and providing your children with vision-enhancing toys and a comprehensive vision exam before the fall!

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Legos are a great way to develop fine motor skills, visual motor skills, and your child’s imagination!  They’re a classic toy for a great reason- the sky’s the limit on what you can build!

Creativity is important to encourage during free play. In today’s technological world, screens and electronic toys provide a lot of entertainment, but they don’t encourage the development of imagination.   Creativity and imagination are important foundational skills for developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Lego also makes kits with instructions to build spaceships, cars, airplanes, castles, and just about anything else you can imagine.  The kits can be a fun way to help your child develop sequencing skills, or the ability to follow directions.   This can also be a fun way to help develop patience as some of the kits take a few hours to build.

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In addition to stimulating creativity, Legos help improve fine motor skills and visual motor integration.   Carefully placing blocks in the right place enhances fine motor coordination. A child must also have good fine motor coordination of the pencil to correctly form letters when writing.  Building something you imagine in your mind helps improve integration of the visual and motor systems. Visual motor integration, or eye- hand coordination, is an important foundational skill for handwriting.

Legos come in a variety of sizes for even the youngest builders.  Start improving your child’s creativity and visual motor skills today!

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