by Marsha Sorenson, OD, FCOVD

Rush Hour Jr. is a great game to build visual thinking skills!  It is a unique 3-D puzzle game, in which you attempt to get an ice cream truck out of a traffic jam.


There are several levels of difficulty to choose from, and a variety of cards within each level that map out the starting positions of the cars. You set up the cars on a grid as they are pictured on your chosen card, and then slide the cars in straight lines until the ice cream truck has a path to the exit.   The cars can only move the direction they are facing, so it takes several moves to get them out!

Rush Hour Jr. works on visualization and sequencing skills.   Visualization, or the ability to create images in the mind, is an important visual skill for academic success.  Visualization skills help with geometric math, spelling, and reading comprehension.  Sequencing, or the ability to put a series of events in order, is important for understanding directions and for reading comprehension.

Rush Hour Jr is for ages 5 and up. It’s never too early to enhance your child’s visual skills and prepare them for academic success!

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