by Marsha Sorenson, OD, FCOVD

I SPY Eagle Eye, a game in which you must find hidden objects, is a fun way to develop visual tracking, visual discrimination, and visual figure/ground skills.

I SPY Eagle Eye comes with several game boards, game cards, and a bell.   This makes it a perfect game for your child to play with their siblings or friends!   Each card has several objects on it, and one of the objects can be found somewhere on your game card. When you find it, you get to ding the bell and add the card to your “done” pile.  Whoever has the most cards wins!

Visual tracking is an important skill for reading.  When we read, our eyes must find which word is next on the page.  Problems with visual tracking can lead to loss of place when reading, slow reading, and poor reading comprehension.

Visual discrimination is a foundational visual perceptual skill.   It is important to be able to look at 2 objects, and be able to tell if they are the same, or if they are different.  Good visual discrimination skills help children assign meaning to shapes and symbols, which helps them learn their letters and numbers.

Visual figure/ground skills help someone pick out important details (figures) in their surroundings (ground).  These skills are also important for object recognition and identification. Children with poor figure/ground skills may become overwhelmed in busy visual environments, including a crowded room or a crowded page of words.

I SPY Eagle Eye is for ages zero and up. It’s never too early to enhance your child’s visual skills and prepare them for academic success!