by guest author Sandy Block, OD, FCOVD

India has been actively engaged in pursuing an International COVD Chapter under the stewardship of Dr. Aditya Goyal, FCOVD.  Dr. Goyal is setting a wonderful example of how to develop interest in COVD through education and growing Indian membership by  engaging his colleagues.  In 2014, Drs. Sandy Block, Rachel Stacey Coulter, and Christine Allison were invited to address optometrists at Sankara Eye Hospital (now Sankara College of Optometry) in Bangalore, India. They presented a two-day program which included lectures and workshops on the Basics of Diagnosis and Vision Therapy Treatment, along with a section on examining special populations.  This introductory program was followed in 2016 with a more in-depth program by Dr. Bob Sanet, who presented a lecture series on Strabismus and Amblyopia.


This past November , Dr. Goyal arranged for Drs. Block and Allison to return to India for another two-day workshop on the Basics of Diagnosis and Treatment for Oculomotor, Accommodative and Vergence Dysfunctions presented at Chandigarh University. They later flew to Sankara College of Optometry for a second two-day lecture and workshop on Visual Perceptual Testing and Training.  The doctors also had the honor of giving commencement speeches at an optometry graduation ceremony!  Dr. Goyal is working diligently on engaging and exposing optometry students  to vision therapy, and bringing international lecturers in to get them thinking about pursuing COVD Fellowship.