(photos by Dr. Esther Han)

Last Thursday we had a party to celebrate Dr. Barry Tannen’s retirement from SUNY. Don’t worry, he isn’t retiring from practice, just his SUNY (1 day per week) gig.  Dr. Tannen has been a faculty member at SUNY for 30+ years.  He has interacted with students and residents too numerous to count, on both sides of the optometric education world–clinical and didactic.

Dr. Tannen and I worked together on Thursdays.  Every Thursday afternoon, like clockwork, I observed Dr. Ken Ciuffreda coming down to the 5th floor (home of Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation).   The two of them would huddle over Dr. Tannen’s laptop, and then, after a brief gestation period, a paper would be born.

As “solo” writers, Drs. Tannen and Ciuffreda are no slouches!  They have each written countless papers on a variety of topics across the vision therapy and rehabilitation spectrum.  As a team, they have made it very clear that 1+1 does not equal 2, but instead a very large number that is yet to be determined.

Although Dr. Tannen will no longer be spending Thursdays on the 5th floor at 33 West 42nd Street in the heart of midtown Manhattan, his affiliation with SUNY will continue. He will be “guest lecturing” and hosting SUNY 4th year students in his practice.  His writing partnership with Dr. Ciuffreda will undoubtedly continue.  Their next co-authored paper is already “in press.”

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