Drs. Nadira Shadeed and Joe Rouw are the dynamic duo of Pediatric Vision Development Center.  Their practice has 2 locations in Dacula and Cummings, GA.  Dr. Shadeed opened the practice in 2008, when Dr. Rouw was working at the opposite end of the optometric spectrum, in a practice specializing in ocular disease.  What made him look towards developmental optometry as a specialty?  It was the COOKIES!!  Dr. Shadeed was bringing home cookies and all these wonderful gifts she was receiving from her very grateful patients (while Dr. Rouw was receiving complaints about their glasses from his patients).  His transition took time but in 2014, Dr. Rouw joined the practice full-time.

Now, they are sharing their knowledge and expertise with each other and their patients. They have moved past the cookies. They both attended Applied Concepts courses.  Dr. Rouw opted for Acquired Brain Injury and Dr. Shadeed chose Vision and Learning.  Dr. Rouw will be incorporating more vestibular-based activities into therapy programs.  Dr. Shadeed is going to ask patients with learning-related vision problems to write thank you notes to the referring doctor when they complete their therapy programs.

Drs. Shaded and Rouw are also entrepreneurs.  When she started the practice, she could not find an electronic record system that worked well for a vision therapy practice.  So they got some help from brother Chris the computer dude and Nu Squared was born.  When they are not practicing optometry or nurturing their business, Dr. Rouw plays ice hockey and Dr. Shadeed paints and sews.  The next time you see her, ask her if she ever got around to sewing fleece socks.