Dr. Samantha Slotnick was standing around the Hospitality Suite after her presentation at the VDR Symposium which opened COVD’s Annual Meeting in Jacksonville.  When she was asked to review an article on the treatment of strabismus written by Dr. David Cook, she knew it was super important to get it right.  She wanted to assure Dr. Cook’s article was as clear to read as it was innovative.   The Shape of the Sky is the result of this wonderful collaboration.  At the symposium, she and Dr. Cook shared their expertise and experiences in working with patients with strabismus.

Before getting on a flight to Jacksonville, Dr. Slotnick spent the morning in her office in Scarsdale NY.  She was able to see one of her favorite patients, a now 5-year-old boy with an esotropia.  This little person needed guidance because he was very focused on the details.  Over the last year or so, he has learned to to see with less effort and use his eyes and hands together.  He now favors a bincular way of seeing.  This is Dr. Slotnicks’ greatest joy… watching her patients blossom.

Dr. Slotnick barely had time to mingle and drink a glass of wine (cabernet).   The next morning she was off to Mexico to lecture about strabismus!


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