This post over at VisionHelp really points out the problem with this kind of solution–yes, immobilizing a child’s arm will stop them from removing an eye patch, but at what cost? And why bother with either of these restraints if we now know how to get to the root of the problem with vision therapy activities that are non-invasive–sometimes even enjoyable–for patients? Learn more about vision therapy for amblyopia!

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“Cutting edge” amblyopia research just announced, April 18, 2017, in Ophthalmology Times on splinting increases amblyopia patching compliance.

Yes, this story is true! It is not an attempt to fabricate the news or make a joke. It is a valid research article just published in the Eye Journal, Eye (2017) 31, 406–410. A quote from  the online article states, “…Elbow splints can increase children’s compliance with a patching regimen for amblyopia, researchers say.” A second quote further states, “…Adding elbow splints to the occlusion therapy regimen is an effective and parentally acceptable treatment method to ensure that all is done in order to try and improve vision in amblyopic eyes…”

The article further quotes previous research that says, “…people with uncorrected amblyopia have triple the risk of depression, double the risk of mortality and greater difficulties with day-to-day living…” This statement shows the seriousness of…

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