New Fellows

Dr. Michael Au, FCOVD
Dr. Jeffrey Berger, FCOVD
Dr. France Corriveau, FCOVD
Dr. Nathan Davis, FCOVD
Dr. Katie Davis, FCOVD
Dr. Ryan Edwards, FCOVD
Dr. Breanne Facey, FCOVD
Dr. Elizabeth Hannigan, FCOVD
Dr. Connie Kim, FCOVD
Dr. Nicole Kress, FCOVD
Dr. Belinda Kuo, FCOVD
Dr. Valerie Lam, FCOVD
Dr. Trina Lieske, FCOVD
Dr. Heather Mackenzie, FCOVD
Dr. Michelle McKenzie, FCOVD
Dr. Brett Miller, FCOVD
Dr. Kacie Monroe, FCOVD
Dr. Heather Motisi, FCOVD
Dr. Tanya Polonenko, FCOVD
Dr. Paul Rollett, FCOVD
Dr. Christopher Schell, FCOVD
Dr. Joseph Schwartz, FCOVD
Dr. Rachel Smith, FCOVD
Dr. Marsha Sorenson, FCOVD
Dr. Fabian Tai, FCOVD
Dr. Alexandra Talabar, FCOVD
Dr. Chi Tran, FCOVD
Dr. Miki Lyn Zilnicki, FCOVD
Dr. Levi Zurcher, FCOVD


Dodie Bailey, COVT
Lauren Banks, COVT
Lori Baron, COVT
Kristen Brown, COVT
Emily Burk, COVT
Kerry Calabrese, COVT
Kaitlyn Dittmar, COVT
Amanda Dorn, COVT
Cheryl Dortch, COVT
Kelsey Egan, COVT
Jonathan Gaspar, COVT
Lauren Hill, COVT
Katie Kelly, COVT
Rachel Kelly, COVT
Elizabeth Levy, COVT
Erin Littlefield, COVT
Juliet Machado, COVT
Sylena Martinez, COVT
Stephanie Ranson, COVT
Mallory Saigh, COVT
Angela Schleichert, COVT
Shannon Sires, COVT
Todd Sitterley, COVT
JoAnne Stewart, COVT
Ruth Villeneuve, COVT
Liliana Walesby, COVT
Amina Weed, COVT
Collin Welsch, COVT

2017 FCOVD Candidate Mentors
Dr. Albert Chun, FCOVD
Dr. Angela Peddle, FCOVD
Dr. Ashley Reddell, FCOVD
Dr. Barry Tannen, FCOVD
Dr. Charles Shidlofsky, FCOVD
Dr. Curt Baxstrom, FCOVD
Dr. Derek Tong, FCOVD
Dr. Eric Borsting, FCOVD
Dr. Gabby Marshall, FCOVD
Dr. Joseph Rouw, FCOVD
Dr. John Abbondanzza, FCOVD
Dr. Kelleye Kenuppel, FCOVD
Dr. Leonard Press, FCOVD
Dr. Maples, FCOVD
Dr. Marlene Inversoso, FCOVD
Dr. Nancy Torgerson, FCOVD
Dr. Patricia Fink, FCOVD
Dr. Patrick Quaid, FCOVD
Dr. Robert Byne, FCOVD
Dr. Ron Bateman, FCOVD
Dr. Sandy Block, FCOVD
Dr. Scott Lewis, FCOVD
Dr. Shirley Ha, FCOVD
Dr. Steven Ritter, FCOVD
Dr. Theresa Ruggiero, FCOVD
Dr. Will Ferguson, FCOVD
2017 COVT Candidate Mentors
Angela Aguilar, COVT
Annie Ramirez, , COVT
Deb Killion, COVT
James Smith, COVT
Jenni Roeber, COVT
Jennifer Mullen, COVT
Jess Zwilling, COVT
Jessica Lauver, COVT
Jessica Stevenson, COVT
Krystal Lockman, COVT
Laura Clemmer, COVT
Laura Glasser, COVT
Lisa Knopp, COVT
Lyna Dyson , COVT
Melody Lay, COVT
Michelle Beatty, COVT
Natali Sutermeister, COVT
Patti Andrich, COVT
Paula Peachey, COVT
Penenlope Youngfeather, COVT
Robert Truscott, COVT
Tom Headline, COVT
2017 COVT Candidate Employers
Dr. Alan Pearson, FCOVD
Dr. Amy Desmond, FCOVD
Dr. Ann Voss, FCOVD
Dr. Ann Wonderling, FCOVD
Dr. Benjamin Winters, FCOVD
Dr. Bradley Habermehl, FCOVD
Dr. Brianna Larson, FCOVD
Dr. Carol Marusich, FCOVD
Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, FCOVD
Dr. Daniel Press, FCOVD
Dr. Genia Beasley, FCOVD
Dr. Harriet Pelton, FCOVD
Dr. Jana Iyer, FCOVD
Dr. Jarrod Davies, FCOVD
Dr. Jennifer Kugle, FCOVD
Dr. Jennifer Smith Zolman, FCOVD
Dr. Jill Shultz, FCOVD
Dr. Katheleen Kinney, FCOVD
Dr. Lindsey Stull, FCOVD
Dr. Nicholas Thomas, FCOVD
Dr. Patricia Poma, FCOVD
Dr. Richard Sorkin, FCOVD
Dr. Rick Graebe, FCOVD
Dr. Robert Fox, FCOVD
Dr. Robert J Esposito, FCOVD
Dr. Robert Lauver, FCOVD
Dr. Stephen C. Franzblau, FCOVD
Dr. Theodore Kadet, FCOVD

Award Winners

BSK-COVD Research Grant

James Kundart, OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A; Nawaf Almutairi, OD;
for Comparison of EnChroma and ChromaPop Filters for the Correction of Color Vision Deficiency

President’s Award

Robert S. Fox, OD, FCOVD
David A. Damari, OD, FCOVD (2016)

VDR Journal Article of the Year Award

David L. Cook, OD, FCOVD, FAAO
The Shape of the Sky: The Art of Using Egocentric Stereopsis in the Treatment of Strabismus

Making Vision Therapy Visible Award

Linda Silverman, PhD
Donald Studt, OD

COVT of the Year Award

Julie Petteruto, COVT

A.M. Skeffington Award

Marc Taub, OD, FAAO, FCOVD

G.N. Getman Award

Beth Ballinger, OD, FCOVD