rosen bookBravo Wendy Rosen!  Her book, “The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning,” is going to help many children get the help they need.  The book takes the reader (hopefully parents and teachers of children who are struggling in school) through a logical progression in understanding the relationship between vision and learning.

  • What is vision?
  • Why haven’t I heard about vision therapy as a treatment option?
  • How is the current emphasis on standardized testing, excessive homework and reading achievement at earlier ages contributing to the problem?
  • How can developmental optometry help?

From there, Rosen poses a very big very important question:  How are we going to turn this around so we can help ALL the children?  So many children remain undiagnosed.  Many lack the resources to access a developmental optometrist for dignosis and/or treatment.  What about the children who are becoming “depleted, ill-equipped, dispirited human beings who will be unprepared to contribute productively to the future of society and find personal fulfillment.”

The answer is, we need more cowbells!  Dr. Joel Zaba said it very well. “Leaders in business, education, government, health, and the non-profit sector must come together to make vision care… a priority in society.  By doing so a more literate society and a strong economic future may be ensured.”   Rosen calls on all of us to grab those cowbells and starting ringing them, because it will take all of us–parents, educators, doctors, lawyers, politicians and policy makers to move this mountain.  The time is NOW.  What better time to get started than as our children are heading back to school.

Here are a few suggestions as we begin a new school year.

  • Start at home.  Take your child to a developmental optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination.  Make sure your child has the visual tools to succeed in school.
  • Ask your optometrist to write a report and send it to your child’s teachers and any other professionals that are working with your child.  Don’t forget the pediatrician.
  • Get involved in the PTA at your school.  Invite your optometrist to discuss “vision for academic success” at your next meeting.
  • Is your child involved in sports?  Talk to the coach about concussion risks and what can be done to reduce risk and recognize symptoms of post-concussion syndrome.
  • Do you belong to a book club?  Make Rosen’s book your next selection.  I guarantee you will have a lively conversation.
  • Buy the book and share it with a friend, a colleague, a teacher, a legislator.

Thank you Wendy Rosen, for encouraging so many to get involved and reminding us why it is important and how much is at stake.

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