In the summer before his 4th grade year, Nathan took more than twenty minutes to read one page of a chapter book. When he had finally struggled to the end, the words seemed to have flown right out of his mind–he couldn’t write a summary of what he had just read. But luckily for Nathan, vision therapy (VT) was able to train his brain and eyes to work together, paving the way for success in school and so much more.

A year of hard work during VT sessions, tinted glasses, and a blue-violet filter have completely turned around Nathan’s school career. Now consistently in the top ten students in his grade for math and science, he also competed in the Stark County Math Tournament and, in his mom’s words: “I was told at the end of the school year that he will SKIP A GRADE IN MATH to 7th grade math!”

Nathan’s 5th grade peers couldn’t help but notice the changes in their classmate’s success and confidence. At the end of the year, they voted him Best Overall Student in his grade. His mother agrees, “These victories are so much sweeter knowing where he came from and how hard he has worked.”


There is a huge difference beyond academic performance, too, Nathan’s mom says. “His math teacher told me he is a totally different student now. He is much more confident, has less anxiety and a better attitude about school.” In addition, Nathan didn’t want to play sports in the past, but he tried soccer in the spring and loved it so much he’s playing again this fall.

It’s amazing to hear how far Nathan has come according to his mom, teacher, and classmates. But it might be even more wonderful to hear it in his own words, thanking  his vision therapist, Melissa:

Vision therapy has changed my life in many ways. First of all I have got all A’s this year and I made it in advanced math. Second it has made my reading a lot easier and now I’m ahead in reading. Last of all I want to thank Melissa for all her work.  – Nathan O.

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August is Vision & Learning Month to raise awareness about the importance of comprehensive vision exams, which check for vision problems that affect learning and can be missed by typical school vision screenings. Learn more about the Vision & Learning Connection and schedule a Back-to-School comprehensive exam today!