In case you are not a football fan, let me make it simple.

Larry Fitzgerald plays football for the Arizona Cardinals. He is a wide receiver.  The quarterback throws the ball and he catches it.  Often.

In the playoff game against the Green Bay Packers this past weekend (sorry Dr. Kellye Knueppel), he had the most extraordinary game of his extraordinary career, scoring the winning touchdown in overtime.

Fitzgerald credits much of his success in football and inLF life to the vision therapy he received from his grandfather and aunt, Drs. Robert Johnson and Stephanie Johnson-Brown of the Plano Child Development Center.    Here’s what Fitzgerald has to say about vision therapy.  You can still purchase a plaque for your office. 

Want to read more?  Dr. Len Press wrote about this.   And here is more info about the work of the Plano Child Development Center. 

Good luck Larry and the Arizona Cardinals!  They play Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers next, but Cam never had VT.