In honor of Piper, Flipdaddy’s Restaurant has made donations to both  InfantSEE and the Lion’s Club.  Bob Dames, Flipdaddy’s CEO and founder, now understands the importance of early eye exams for all children and how something as simple as a pair of glasses can be life-changing.

Today one of my colleagues told me the story of a 3 year old boy who was struggling with everything!  He avoided activities requiring using his eyes up close.  He was afraid to go down stairs. He didn’t want to read the letters on the chart because it just took too much effort. When he put on the lenses he so needed, he started looking around, and all he could say was, “this is so much better.”  Every developmental optometrist I know can tell you a similar story.

These donations will make it possible for the 7,300 participating doctors to increase awareness in their communities about the need for infant eye care.  The Lion’s Club will help provide financial resources for any patient of any age who needs an examination and glasses.

Flipdaddy’s has challenged EVERYONE who has watched the video of #BabyPiper to make a donation to InfantSEE or the Lions Club.  Bravo Flipdaddy’s!  I am going to add my own challenge.  If you have not scheduled an eye exam for your baby, you need to do that now. Find an InfantSEE provider.   I want your baby to be all he or she can be, and that starts with vision development.

Sure wish there was a Flipdaddy’s in my neck of the woods, but if I ever get to Cincinatti……..