A very special message from Dr. Leonard Press, FCOVD, FAAO, author of the textbook Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy, Past President of COVD, and Editor-in-Chief of our new journal Vision Development & Rehabilitation-

It is a joy to roll out our new journal, Vision Development & Rehabilitation – the official journal of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. The journal can be accessed at directly at any time through our website through this link:

You can also go the home page and use the pull-down menu through either the Professional or Media portals to arrive at the journal.

If you have a manuscript for consideration, you can upload it through our journal’s online management system via this link:

The first issue of VDR has been very well received, and it is due in large measure to the work of our managing editor, Katie Kirschner, M.S. As editor-in-chief I am assisted by a wonderful review board carefully selected to represent trans-disciplinary interests. These individuals are listed front and center in each issue, and range form private practicing optometrists to academic researchers and include an iconic vision therapist, a pediatric neurologist, and an occupational therapist with expertise in vision and driving. I have also assembled an advisory board of current and past optometric editors, and plan to maintain close ties with our sister optometric organizations. Next month I’ll be attending the NORA meeting in Denver, and introducing our journal to their membership. Given our commitment to rehabilitation, there is considerable opportunity for NORA members to find a home for journal articles, guest editorials, or perspective pieces in VDR.

Our contents are wide-ranging, and rather than describe the topics to you I encourage you to visit the site and go through each item. The electronic format is user friendly – you can either use the left or right arrow to turn pages, or the pull down bar up top to browse. That menu allows you to search, print, download, or share anything in the journal. Because of this flexibility there are no plans at present to print and mail hard copies of the journal. Welcome to a new world of publishing!

If you have an idea that you’d like to run by me, feel free to correspond at: