To increase awareness that March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, the College of Optometrists in Vision Development is supporting a hashtag party from March16th through March 23nd. The goal for the party is to increase awareness regarding the visual impact that follows after head injury and how to address it.

All this coming week, there will be posts related to Traumatic Brain Injury here on COVD’s Blog, on VisionHelp, and on VT Works. As with previous hashtag parties, please post links to these blogs across all social media and use these hashtags– use the combination of #concussions and #visiontherapy, OR the combination of #braininjury and #visiontherapy.  The more posts and re-posts that occur this week with our hashtags, the higher the visibility for our cause!

Here’s one to get you started– Robert Nurisio and Cavin Balaster have put together an amazing podcast!


What a great start to our hashtag party!