HalloweenHave you ever used laundry pods–those packets of detergent in dissolvable packets.  They’re super convenient–just throw one in the washing machine and push the start button.  And they are adorable.  In fact, these adorable, colorful plastic wrapped pods of serious concentrated chemicals look like candy!

And that seems to be a problem.  Young children are biting and squeezing the pods and are ending up in emergency rooms with ocular injuries when these chemicals splash in their eyes.  But the good news is that most of these eye injuries are not very serious and they heal in 2-5 days.  But some children ingest the detergent and suffer from more serious systemic toxicity.

As Halloween approaches, and children are looking for candy everywhere, make sure those laundry pods are out of sight and out of mind.  Halloween does present some serious safety issues.  Add laundry pods to the list.  Please be vigilant and enjoy a Halloween filled with fun and brightly colored candy treats.