The National Eye Institute (NEI) has funded a 5 year $8 million study called the Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial–Attention and Reading Study  (CITT-ART)!!  This clinical trial is designed to study the effectiveness of vision therapy (VT) for improving reading and attention after treatment of convergence insufficiency (CI) in children for 9 to <14 years of age.

The clinical portion of this project is expected to last 2 years.  At the conclusion of this 2 year period, the research team expects to provide quality data and new information about the effectiveness of VT for improving reading and attention.

There are 8 clinical sites across the country.  Researchers are hoping to enroll over 300 patients into the study.

Parents, do you think your child might have a learning related vision problem such as convergence insufficiency?  There’s no time like the present to schedule a comprehensive vision examination.  Find a developmental optometrist here.  Print this blog post and bring it with you!

Doctors, please refer patients that you think may qualify — anyone with symptomatic CI between the ages of 9 and <14 years.  Here’s more information on who to contact.

Recruitment for clinical trials can be very challenging.  We all need to contribute to the goal of advancing clinical research.  You definitely want to be part of this.  CITT-ART