In his book, The Speed of Trust, Covey writes:

When trust is high, the dividend you receive is like a performance multiplier, elevating and improving every dimension of your organization and your life.  High trust is like the leaven in bread, which lifts everything around it.  ….High trust materially improves communication, collaboration, execution, innovation, strategy, engagement, partnering, and relationships with all stakeholders.

Make sure you read these interviews with Drs. Thomas Lenart and Nancy Torgerson.   Dr. Lenart is a pediatric ophthalmologist and Dr. Torgerson is a developmental optometrist.  They both practice in metro Seattle and have developed a unique collaboration.   Dr. Torgerson states, “Dr. Lenart and I have been talking for about seven years and building TRUST and respect.  And Dr. Lenart reiterates, “It has taken 5-7 years of talking with Nancy to get to this point.  Now I can have some very candid and raw discussions because we TRUST one another.”

Where is the point at which these two pioneering doctors have arrived?  They are co-managing patients with a myriad of visual issues, ranging from strabismus to brain injury to visual manifestations of systemic disease.  Dr. Torgerson has opened a satellite office within Dr. Lenart’s practice to provide vision therapy.

Trust has improved communication, collaboration, execution, innovation, strategy, engagement, partnering and relationships with all stakeholders….just like Covey predicted!  And what is the result?  They are changing lives by helping patients find the best treatment by considering all the options as well as what works best for a particular patient and family.

Drs. Lenart and Torgerson urge us all to to find common ground, to begin to build a foundation of TRUST, and break down barriers between professions.  For the sake of your patients, keep an open mind.  Imagine what we could do if things were different…… how many lives could be changed if we focus on building TRUST.