Recently, my practice joined a local non-profit named Building Vision to provide developmental vision screenings for children in a local Elementary school. The school is located in an area that has some of the highest poverty rates in Yakima. 97% of children at the school qualify to receive free school lunches.

Of the over 500 children we screened 33% failed. A symptom survey was used as part of the screening and 95 or 17% children reported experiencing double vision with reading. These findings correlate with other studies that have been done throughout the nation that show up to one in four children suffer with vision problems that can affect school performance, with higher prevalence in lower income populations.

These vision problems are real and the need to address them is great.  Can you imagine how it would be to try and read if the words are doubling on the page? If your child is struggling in school or with reading, please visit a developmental optometrist in your area to make sure vision is impacting your child’s academic performance.  To find a developmental optometrist near you, please follow this link.