kids reading

The Affordable Care Act — ACA– (aka Obamacare) has defined 10 “essential health care benefits.”  The law sets certain standards that all insurers must meet, and mandates that all health plans offered to those who buy health insurance on their own or in small groups include these 10 essential health benefits.  Pediatric eye and vision care is on that list!  The new year has brought the promise of an annual comprehensive eye exam to children from birth through age 18 and includes eyeglasses and contact lenses as needed.

Recent research has shown that children with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) have high rates of undiagnosed and untreated eye problems.  These problems can affect reading performance.  And many times they are easy to fix.

Millions of American children will now have access to the comprehensive vision exams that they need and deserve.  Parents are urged to contact their doctor of optometry and schedule that eye exam.  It is, indeed, essential!

Here is more information about essential pediatric eye care.